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About Twangoo features daily deals on the best stuff to do, eat and buy in Hong Kong and soon all across Asia.

Twangoo’s philosophy is very simple:

The best deal in town…

Twangoo is synonymous with quality. Our Twangoo representatives handpick top-rated business partners so you always feel comfortable when venturing out and trying something new, because it is featured on trusty We only feature offers we would buy ourselves!

… at an irresistible price…

Usually, great quality comes at a price. On, you will find the best quality at the best price because we guarantee our business partners a minimum number of new clients. It is a win/win solution: you are happy because you get a great deal, our business partners are happy because they meet new customers.

… and with a great service.

Once the deal is on, you receive your Twangoo. Just print it and you can use it at your convenience. Any questions, just send us an email at support and we will reply fast!

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